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The Journey Home, Windsor Castle and Harry Potter


Dear Family and Friends,

We had an interesting journey home from church last Sunday. Actually church was interesting. The Sacrament Meeting was great. I love the English speakers- they sound so articulate and elegant.  We always race out at 1:00 right after the meetings so we can catch the bus. If we miss the first bus we have to wait an additional half hour. So we rushed out and start waiting. We could see the black clouds rolling in and then it started to rain- HARD. We stood there for 40 minutes waiting for bus 234. My long black skirt was soaked through and I had pools of water in my shoes. Water was inside my umbrella dripping on my hair. I should have taken a picture of poor Ken huddled under his umbrella in his wet suit. We were so cold. Finally the bus came. It's a pretty long ride through the city to the East Finchley tube station and we were about half way there and the bus driver announced, “this bus terminates here". I don't like those words. So we had to get out and wait again. Finally another bus came, then we did 2 tube rides, another bus ride and finally got home about an hour and 15 minutes later than we normally do. I always say we we get home, “it's good to be home(kind of)”. I always say kind of because we're not really home.


Windsor Castle


Since we worked last Saturday, we had our P-day on Monday and took the train to Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle was built after the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror and is one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth II. When the Queen is in residence, her royal standard flies above the Round Tower.When she is not in residence the Union jack is flown. She was in residence the day we were there.


IMG_1609   IMG_1619

A little history:

Windsor Castle is mentioned in the King Arthur legend as the site of an old Celtic camp where King Arthur once lived. In the dark ages, the Saxon Kings established a manor and held court at Old Windsor. Edward the Confessor and King Harold also held court at Windsor. The Battle of Hastings in 1066, marked the end of the Saxon Kings of England and the beginning of the Norman period. Duke William of Normandy was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey. He immediately began to build a series of 9 castles around London, Windsor being the first. New Windsor is 100 feet above the River Thames and was a day’s march from the Tower of London. It was intended to guard the western approach to London.


Ten monarchs are buried in the St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.



Edward IV

clip_image006 clip_image008

Henry VIII with his favorite wife Jane Seymour



Charles I


George V and Queen Mary


Princess Margaret


Some interesting facts about Windsor Castle:

When the Bubonic Plague broke out in London in 1563, Queen Elizabeth I moved her court to Windsor and hanged anyone who came from London.


Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert died of typhoid at Windsor.


In 1917, the British Royal Family decided to change their Germanic dynasty name, House of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, to the House of Windsor.


During World War II, Windsor Castle was the home of the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.


Today Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family regard Windsor Castle as their home.



Harry Potter

imageOur grandchildren, and Grandma, were very excited about the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. I wrote an email to our grandchildren and included some pictures that were taken when the film premiered in London. Here’s one of the pictures I found. I love the British ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ slogan  and thought this a clever twist.

Here are some of our Harry Potter admirers:



Many of the London double decker buses have ads for the movie.


Senior missionaries can go to movies and since I won’t be able to see the movie at home with our grandchildren, Ken has promised me that he will take me to see Harry Potter in London. That will be an interesting experience for someone who hasn’t been to a movie in years and doesn’t even know the difference between a muggle and a wizard!


Family History Centre News

We have some news about what will possibly happen to our Family History Centre when the Hyde Park building closes on the first of September. We thought we were going to have to close for 6 months during the refurbishing but we are in discussion to have a temporary home at the UK National Archives at Kew. Kew is a lovely town south of the River Thames and the National Archives sits right on the river.


Friday evening the Crandalls, Robertsons and Fugals fixed dinner for the Hyde Park Elders and Sisters at the Robertson’s flat.


Elders De Olivera and Silva (Brazil), Elder Connell (South Carolina), Elder Scruggs (Salt Lake City, Utah), Elder Healey (Lehi, Utah), Sister Johnson (Ohio) and Sister Santos (Portugal). Elders, Healey, Scruggs and Connell are the mission AP’s (assistants to the president). These young people are so outstanding. I’ve said before that one of the highlights of our mission is to be associated with them.  


Our love to all!
Love, Elder and Sister Fugal (aka Cheryl and Ken, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa)

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